Terra Firma at Socrates Sculpture Park!

I am pleased to announce that the company has been invited to return to Socrates Sculpture Park for "Dance at Socrates, 2014." Presented annually by Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts, the Dance at Socrates series offers the public free Saturday afternoon dance performances throughout the month of August. This is a wonderful opportunity for the company to connect to a wider audience and share the work that was developed at the Kaatsbaan Upstream Residency. Socrates Sculpture Park is known for its multimedia installations and large scale sculpture, and it will provide a truly magical setting. The performance will take place at 4pm on August 16th. For more information, visit http://nortemaar.org/projects/dance-at-socrates-2014.

We hope to see you there! 


It's getting hot in here....UPDATES!

As we find ourselves entrenched in the cold-Winter period, we are reflecting on all the action, heat and opportunity that is percolating at TFDT over the past couple of months and what is before us!

The end of December was particularly rewarding for us, as we joined New York Artists for the Philippines (founded by NYCB-Principal, Ashley Bouder) in presenting a benefit performance to aid victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  We were so honored to share the stage @ Manhattan Movement Arts Center with Ashley, and other dance luminaries from New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey, Complexions and other artists in presenting an evening of the highest success, and raising over $12,000 dollars of fiscal-aid.  Kudos to Ms. Bouder for her vision, and tireless efforts to provide support and founding and coordinating this effort.  It is so satisfying and encouraging to see the power of art/dance manifested in tangible and quantifiable measures, beyond the spectacle of performance.

TFDT dancer, Izabela Szylinska in Stuart Loungway's "Stagioni".  Photo by Gene Shiavone NEW YORK ARTISTS FOR THE PHILIPPINES

TFDT dancer, Izabela Szylinska in Stuart Loungway's "Stagioni".  Photo by Gene Shiavone


As we made our way into January, we were pleased to join forces with our long-time friend and professional colleague, Helen Pickett.  I was so honored to have been asked to work with Helen, in her unique and valuable workshop Choreographic Essentials.  Helen was a considerably gifted dancer, who enjoyed a career as a principal dancer with Ballet Frankfurt, during a time in which some of William Forsythe's most seminal works were created upon her.  She currently is a very prolific international choreographer, and resident choreographer at Atlanta Ballet.  Somehow, in spite of her very busy choreographic career, she still generously and graciously manages to teach, share and inspire the next generation of dance-makers and dancers and is one of the "best in the biz" at doing so.  We are very proud of our affiliation with her.

During the last week of January, we were joined by over 20 participants in a rigorous intensive, led by Ms. Pickett, and oriented towards expanding and developing the composition and choreographic skills of those attending.   Attendees were led in a daily- ballet technique class (by yours truly); Forsythe Improvisation Technology (Helen Pickett), and guided and precepted throughout the remainder of the day, in developing their creative and investigative skills in dance-making.  The workshop culminated in a very well-received informal performance.  I would like to extend a very special thanks to Ballet Hispanico, and their Artistic Director, Eduardo Vilaro in hosting our efforts and providing valuable support.  We are looking forward to renewing this effort and presenting the workshop, again, in June 2014 and information as to how to participate and enroll will be available soon....so please be sure to check back!


 I am so pleased to be reconvening with the company in preparing for our upcoming-engagement at Kaatsbaan, where we will spend a week in residency from April 27th-May 3rd, with a culminating performance our last evening there.  We are restaging my "Stagioni" as well as working on a new commission from Kaatsbaan, that will receive its premiere in our time there.  I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new dancers Lily Balogh, Max Capelli-King, Courtney Liu and Mara Driscoll (read more about them on our "Artists" page), as well as share how excited I am to work with our returning dancers.

Finally, I just received news that I have been commissioned to create a new full-work for SUNY Purchase, of which our very own Jessica Miller is an alum.  I am looking forward to this opportunity in 2014/2015 and working with these highly talented professional aspirants and students....the faculty there has been doing an amazing job in producing dancers that are prepared and ready to take on the professional dance world.



TFDT Updates/A letter from the Artistic Director

......a note from the Artistic Director

Dear TFDT Friends, Family and Supporters:

As the New Year approaches, and Thanksgiving is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you , for your unwavering support and contributions over the course of the past season.
Without your assistance, we simply would not be able to achieve our objectives. I'd also like to share some of our past activities with you, and let you know what is on the horizon.

The past six-months have been a whirlwind. The company has experienced tremendous growth in size, repertoire, opportunity and reputation. I am thankful, everyday, for the caliber of dancers with whom I am so fortunate to work. Their steely technique, keen intelligence and professionalism has engendered a hot-bed of creativity and development, that which has not previously been experienced. I am so grateful.

Following our Spring performances, TFDT  traveled  by invitation, to Poland to perform in the Krakow Nights Festival.  A small group of our dancers, performed excerpts from my creation, "Stagioni" for local audiences.  Our work was received, ecstatically, by the audiences and presenters, and we are looking forward to returning on a larger-scale in 2014/15. This Fall, we were pleased to receive the news that TFDT has been awarded the Kaatsbaan Upstream Choreographic Residency Award for 2014.  In April, 2014, a group of 8 TFDT dancers will join me in Tivoli, NY for the creation of a new work that is sponsored by Kaatsbaan.  In residency for one week, I will create a new piece that will premiere with other repertoire at the culmination of the week.  Performances are open to the public, so I am hoping that you will join us!  Kaatsbaan was founded by ABT-director, Kevin Mckenzie, and former ABT/NDT principal Martine Van Hamel.  They have developed a considerable reputation in presenting quality dance and dance-makers.  Please visit our (new) website at
www.tfdance.org to receive updates about how to get tickets....and to learn more about our company and activities.

Prior to our departure to Kaatsbaan, I am so very pleased to join Helen Pickett in coordinating and teaching in the workshop she has developed,Choreographic Essentials.  Transpiring the week of January 21st-26th in NYC @ Ballet Hispanico, Ms. Pickett has developed a unique, one-of-a-kind learning workshop for the professional dancer and professional aspirant.  The program has run with great success in previous seasons with partner choreographers Jorma Elo and Thaddeus Davis, and I am humbled and honored to be joining Ms. Pickett, this season.
Helen is an esteemed professional colleague, and I am proud to say, friend.  After an illustrious performing career as a leading dancer with William Forsythe's ,Ballet Frankfurt, she has emerged as one of the leading choreographers in today's dance landscape.  While very active with various commissions, she remains committed to the learning development of this generation's dancers.  She is an excellent preceptor and teacher, and generously shares her body of knowledge with an infectious spirit.  I strongly encourage any dancers that might be reading this, to take the time to learn more about this exceptional development opportunity and come join us!  You can find more information on this page, or visit Choreographic Essentials for more info.

Finally, I'd like to share an event with you, so wonderfully orchestrated, produced and conceived of by NYCB-principal, Ashley Bouder.  She is a lovely dancer, and human-being, and I so admire her efforts in coordinating this one-time benefit. Please visit New York Artists for the Philippines, now, to learn more.
As many of you know, the Philippines have experienced complete and utter devastation in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.  I know that we all empathize, and want to do as much as we can to provide assistance and aid.  I am asking that you kindly consider joining us on December 30th, 2013 at MMAC Theater @7pm, as we perform with other NYC dance artists, in order to raise money that will go directly to providing assistance to the people of this country.   Featured artists include: James Whiteside and Isabella Boylston of ABT; Ashley Bouder and Lauren King (and others) of NYCB; and dancers from Paul Taylor and Martha Graham....as well as a whole bevy of other talented individuals. We are honored to be a part of this bill, and I really hope that you can attend.  If not, kindly consider making a donation. Again, you can learn more about how to get tickets and/or make a donation by visiting New York Artists for the Philippines

Thank you for taking the time to read, and learn more about TFDT.  I want to wish all of you a very happy holidays and New Year, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest Regards,



Helen Pickett's Choreographic Essentials

Dear Dancers, Friends and Supporters:

I am so pleased to have the honor of being invited by esteemed choreographer, Helen Pickett, to work alongside her in Choreographic Essentials , in January 2014 in NYC.

Helen created Choreographic Essentials as a means to provide compositional and choreographic tutelage to the dancers of today, providing a remarkable level of insight, analysis and application in a "hot-bed" of learning.

She is an amazing ballerina, in her own right, having enjoyed an illustrious career as a leading dancer with Ballet Frankfurt, and played an instrumental role in the development and creation of several of William Forsythe's seminal works.

Helen's career as a choreographer, is flourishing, as she creates work for several premiere dance companies, on an international basis. In spite of her busy schedule, she remains committed to the learning process, and is generous in her sharing of the body of her knowledge with her students. Her spirit, and love for dance is infectious and I couldn't be more pleased to work in her company.

Please consider joining us this January, for her 6-day intensive Choreographic Essentials, and feel free to direct any inquiries to choreoessentials@gmail.com or call 646.499.0113 for more information. Learn more by following the link on the navigation bar to the left